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Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic to your web site! We have several different service packages for search engine optimization on your web site. Any prices below are for our services only, there would be additional fees (for example to Google or yahoo for the pay-per-click. The items listed below that refer to having a "long term strategy" tend to be a bit pricier now, but in the end less expensive then when you consider paying for every click that comes to your web site. The follow-up service listed below would have to be agreed to initially when original service being done to guarantee that price. Follow-up service prices would be guaranteed for length of contract chosen. Note: Pricing below is for most projects, some may cost more or less. Call us at 1-866-253-0436 to find out if yours qualifies.

Web Site Basic $199
Service includes: updating or creating keywords, descriptions, etc. in the meta tags, and titles; optimizing pictures to grab search engine notice & submission of web site to as many search engines as available. This option has very few short term results, but over the long term is a fundamental requirement for sustaining positions in search engines. A quarterly follow-up service to provide a regular maintaining of this service is available at a cost of $40 / quarter.

Web Site Optimization $299
Service includes all of what is included in the “web site basic” plan, plus: renaming files to be more search engine friendly, modifying some layouts of pages as required, including proper text linking back to main site. Again more of the long term results as above, however more thorough. A quarterly follow-up service to provide a regular maintaining of this service is available at a cost of $60 / quarter.

Additional Options
Back Linking $349
Service involves: Obtaining back links from other web sites. Placement in search engines can be significantly helped by having other sites link to you. We take care of finding sites to link to your web site, thus increasing these links, and your placement in search engines. A very proven long term strategy. A quarterly follow-up service to provide a regular maintaining of this service is available at a cost of $80 / quarter.

Pay-Per-Click Services $159 per service.
Service involves: brokering pay-per-clicks with one of MSN, Google, or Yahoo. Client would be responsible for direct payment to either of these 3 services for the pay-per-click, and other opportunities. We’d provide a recommended budget, keywords, and duration, upon services being retained. Very short term, once the campaign is over, no more clicks are attained. However campaign can be ongoing, providing budgets allow. This services requires a monthly follow-up service for us to adjust campaign as it continues. First month is included in the service. Monthly follow-up fee is $40 per campaign and service.

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